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Mammoth Mulching Services

Mammoth Mulching Services is a family owned and operated forestry mulching company based in Magalia where we have a 50+ year family history. We specialize in clearing fire breaks, overgrown brush, undergrowth and trees from any type of land or residential area. MMS is based out of Magalia, California in Butte county and concentrates on service areas within a 150-mile radius.

We believe in creating peace of mind for homeowners and corporate clients in areas that have recently been impacted by the numerous devastating fires or are at a high fire risk. By performing our services, we are able to clear overgrown areas around homes, businesses or properties. Our Mulching process not only helps to reduce the  danger of fires, it also returns the property back to its original appealing state allowing you to utilize your acreage once again.  

MMS is fully licensed and insured allowing us to perform our services with minimal risks to the properties we service.

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